When you give to FMI you’re supporting FOCUS staffworkers who work alongside the students on campus. This partnership between students and staff aims to further FOCUS’ aims of reaching out to students who do not know Christ, grounding of christian students in a biblical faith and training them for a lifetime of service once they have left uni. Click on the give button for giving details.

The current FOCUS staff are:


Dave Irving – ANU

Dave Adams – UC

Megan Errington – ANU

Owen Chadwick – International students – ANU & UC


We’d love you to receive our regular FOCUS newsletter so that you can pray regularly for FOCUS. Sign up by clicking on the Pray button and fill out the form found on the left at the top of the page. You can also receive individual FOCUS staff prayer news. Just use the Contact Us button at the top of the page and write a note indicating which staffworker’s prayer news you would like to receive.